1. "Okay...this looks fun, what the heck do we do?!"

Pillow printing parties are a great way to connect with your friends & be creative. Trust me, you will feel a spark of joy when you see this cute pillow that YOU created sitting on your couch everyday. You will learn how to print your own 16x16 linen throw pillow with a quote of your choice. We use freezer paper to create our quote stencils, so you will learn how to use this to create other products. Spend your monthly girls night out in our studio!! We recommend groups of 6-12 people during private parties!

2. "Interesting, BUT I don't know how to sew."

YAY, you don't need to. We do all the sewing beforehand, so you get to learn about the magic of freezer paper, design your pillow, & use fabric paint!

3. "Tickets are $47 each? Kind of expensive right?"

Think about how much you spend going out for dinner + drinks with a group of your girl friends. We provide a beautiful workspace to hang out & catch up on each other's lives, genuine instruction (no Pinterest fails here!) & all supplies necessary for the project; sounds like a pretty legit girls night right?

4. "But Melissa, I am SO not crafty."

I hear this a lot, and that's okay! I BELIEVE in you. We are here to help & to make sure your project works out. Creating things for yourself can be one of the most rewarding ways to bring a sense of joy & accomplishment. It's amazing to know that this cute pillow you made LITERALLY didn't exist before you made it!

5. "Can I bring food + drinks to your studio?"


We are booking dates for private parties now!  Email to pick your date & discuss details.