Meet Lacey & Rachel of Pear'd

Tell me about yourself:
Hi! We’re Lacey and Rachel, sisters who love creating.

Pear'd Made Lacey and Rachel Bismarck ND Makers Tote Bags Zipper Pouches

What did your business look like when you first started?
We started at a local farmer’s market (shoutout to Bismarket!) selling the same pouches we make now, with a few different versions of totes and laptop sleeves.

Pear'd Zipper Pouch Bismarck ND Makers Lacey and Rachel of Pear'd Made

Tell us about what you make now and why you love making it:
Currently, we’re sewing up zippered pouches in varying shapes and sizes, laptop
sleeves, totes, and drawstring cinch bags. We’re also selling a bit of our fabric and
supplies. We love creating, and knowing that our goods add joy and beauty to
someone’s day is why we love it. Plus, being able to do what we love and being part of an incredible community of makers and do-ers is super amazing!

Pear'd creating zipper pouches in Bismarck North Dakota

At what point did you decide your “hobby” had the potential to be a business? 
We’ve been creating since we were old enough to hold scissors, so making things has always been part of our lives. After the urging from a friend that “you could totally sell these!”, we decided to bring our creative minds together. We registered with the state, opened an Etsy shop, and sold our goods at local farmer’s markets! 

How did you come up with the name of your business?
It’s a bit of a play on words - we’re a pair of sisters!

Rachel and Lacey of Pear'd Pouches

Who is someone you follow on Instagram that inspires you and why?
Hmm, we’re inspired by so many great people! @medorafrei, @rhubarb_venison,
@leablackphotography, @fash_rev, and @florapinehome to name a few!

What has been a highlight since beginning your business?
Growing has probably been the biggest highlight since starting PEAR’D. We’ve grown as individuals, in our skills (looking at you, website design!), and in our friendship with each other. One of the biggest highlights, though, have been the new things we’ve gotten to do and the new friendships we’ve gotten to build.

pear'd made workspace sewing space reusable pouches and totes

What advice do you have to share with someone who may want to start a
handmade business?
Know that it will never be perfect, but that’s the fun: you get to make it whatever you want and do good with your business! And when the time comes, just jump in.

How can people purchase from you/connect with you?  
Find our goods at and find us on the insta at @peardmade
(but honestly we take frequent social media breaks!)

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