Meet Christy of PiscesPieces

Tell me about yourself:

Hi! I'm Christy. I’m a boy mom to five and a wife.  I also work full time in retail as an Assistant Manager.  We live in Fargo, ND and you can probably catch me running from one thing to the other or staying up too late for some quiet time.

Christy of PiscesPieces

What did your business look like when you first started?

I started out making and playing with jewelry and beads.  A friend of mine made jewelry and she got me into it.  When I had some pieces made I started an Etsy shop! 

Tell us about what you make now and why you love making it:

I jumped from making jewelry to making bath bombs.  Then from bath bombs it was bubble bars and from there it was everything else!  I make about 8 different products now and I am always thinking about more.  I love testing and trying out new products and figuring out the perfect recipe for a product is amazing.

Bath Bombs by PiscesPieces

At what point did you decide your “hobby” had the potential to be a business? 

When I finally perfected my bath bombs and started to add them to my Etsy site, Ashley from Unglued had reached out to me and asked to have my products in her store.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever and thought that maybe my little hobby wasn’t going to be little anymore.

Mud Mask by Pisces Pieces of Fargo, North Dakota

How did you come up with the name of your business?

When I was first starting out, I was making jewelry.  I always thought of jewelry as a piece of art.  I am also a Pisces, so I thought PiscesPieces sounded pretty neat and went with it.

Craft Show Display by Pisces Pieces of Fargo North Dakota

Who is someone you follow on Instagram that inspires you and why?

A lot of the local makers that we have around here I look up to.  I took a break from my business when I was pregnant with our last and lost some ground.  It’s been hard building it back up but a lot of my fellow crafters have been so helpful with advice, and being encouraging and so positive. 

Natural Deodorant by Pisces Pieces Handmade

What has been a highlight since beginning your business?

When Ashley at Unglued asked for my products in her store I thought it was the best thing ever.  I have also been featured in the newspaper before and I thought that was pretty amazing.  Every show I do is also a major highlight.  I love meeting and connecting with other makers, it’s the absolute best! 

Roller Ball Perfume Locally Made in Fargo, ND

What advice do you have to share with someone who may want to start a handmade business?

Just do it!  Start out small and build your way up.  There will be bumps in the road, late nights and early mornings.  If you work hard and you have your goal in mind you will get there and you will LOVE IT.

How can people purchase from you/connect with you?  

Come hang out with me on:



You can also shop my new website:

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